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About Elia Exchange

The Elia Exchange programme aims to enhance contact and communication between the academic and business worlds. It is a cooperation initiative involving LSCs (Language Service Companies) who are members of Elia, universities and translation students. The purpose is to devise practical and mutually beneficial partnerships with universities offering studies to prepare students for the translation profession for the rapidly changing world of the language industry.
Elia Exchange strives to achieve this through three interlinked mechanisms:

The Elia Exchange Online Database

The EE Online Database promotes available internships and matches students’ interests and career plans with the LSCs able to offer placements.

The Elia Exchange Forums

The EE Forums, in-country or regional, enhance cooperation and the exchange of information between the industry and academia.

The Elia Exchange Internship MoU

The EE Internship MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) forms the backbone of the Elia Exchange internship part of the programme, to be used by LSCs, ensuring that companies apply best internship practice and provide valuable student experience through the internship.

Who may participate

The three principal components of this cooperative partnership are the Elia member LSCs, universities and students.

  1. Elia member companies fully participating in the initiative must commit to using and adhering to the principles of the EE Internship MoU.
  2. Universities seeking to take part will be asked to join EE which will include a nominal annual fee and an agreement to participate and use the resources provided by the initiative.
  3. Students or recent graduates of university level translation studies will be able to register with the EE Online Database.

As of today 29 universities, more than 26 Elia member LSCs and 200 students have already registered to the EE programme.


University Members

These universities have already joined EE. Click here to view the list of universities per country.

Recent News

Here you will find the latest news about Elia Exchange and the European Language Industry Association

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The first Belgian university joins Elia Exchange

We are happy to welcome the University of Antwerp, Belgium to Elia Exchange. The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Translation and a master’s in Interpreting, with general discipline-related... Read More Read More

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